ZetaPlus C-1

Unit Name: MSN006-C1 Zeta Plus Type C
Series: Gundam Sentinel
Scale: 1/100
Grade: Master Grade (MG)

Captured with Olympus 4.0 Megapixel Digital Camera.

This is my very first Master-Grade Gunpla which took me around 1 month to build 😛
It’s one of my favourite MS in Gundam’s Universal Century series, the big gun is admirable. I wished I had it on my own arm.. LOL

Being a fan of Gundam Sentinel series, I’ve been eye-ing this gunpla for quite some time. I was lucky to have it given as a birthday gift and I was really exited about assembling my first MG grade kit.

The kit’s overall complexity is quite fair, has around 10 model trees, screws, stickers, decals and also fabric tubes for the for the rear legs (awesome!). One of the part that I enjoyed building is the Smart Rail Beam Gun which measures as tall as the mobile suit itself. In wave-rider mode, the gun is fixed on the front unit which makes it hard for me to put it on display, since it’s too long (LOL!)

There aren’t many action pose you can do with this kit. I find the legs quite tricky to be spread out as sometimes the hidden lock under the crotch would suddenly go loose and as a result you’ll have a Gundam that does split-kick manuever. The hidden lock holds the legs in place when it’s not in wave-rider mode.

For this kit, it’s good to have if you are a fan of the series, or if you’re particularly a fan of Zeta Gundam. Although it’s action pose are limited, the kit is well done in terms of details and design.