Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2010

Event: Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2010 Malaysia
Venue: Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Period: 5th June – 10th June 2010

The 2010 mid-year competition is now on! Featuring loads of quality entries from the contestants, Gunplas ranging from Gundam Unicorn, SD Gundam Sangokuden, Gundam 00 and other Gundam series as well. We shall see a lot of creativeness in the following gallery, be it in terms of painting, mods, diorama or all of them in an entry. Without further said, enjoy!


Although the number of entries aren’t that many, there were a lot of interesting entries being displayed. The judges would pretty much had headache trying to sieve through the most eligible winners for this year’s event (glad that I’m not one of them =P ).

I’ll be updating the winners and more images soon, so stay tuned!
Update: Missed the prize-giving event due to work priority T.T
Good thing there are coverage from other sites!

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