Welcome All!

Hello all, welcome to my realm of interest which is no other than GUNPLA or formally known as GUNdam PLAstic. Gunpla is basically a term for GUNDAM plastic model kit which has been around for quite some time and is very popular in Japan, US, even in your own country! (I assume.. =D )

I’ve been collecting Gunpla ever since in my school years and up to now I had over 30 collections from many types and series. If you wish to know more about GUNPLA, please visit my info section in this website. I’ll be adding in more resources when I can from time to time.

You’re also most welcome to leave comments in here, but please refrain from using any vulgar language. If there are anything here that needs to be improved or corrected do contact me. I hope this website will serve as one of your best resource for GUNPLA collection and information.

Enjoy! 😉