Crossbone Gundam X-1 (ver. Ka)

Unit Name: XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1
Series: Crossbone Gundam

Scale: 1/100
Grade: Master Grade (MG)

Captured with Olympus 4.0MP Digital Camera.

This is my second MG Gunpla kit. This kit is one of few Gundams that was redesigned by the Gundam founder, Hajime Katoki.

I’m very much content with this model kit. One of the reason is that the amount of accessories/weapons it has on it, which makes it possible to have a variety of action pose. Articular points are also made in a way that allows this kit to have a human-like pose. The ABC (Anti Beam Cloak) fabric is a little tricky to put into place, but it’s probably just me and my fat-fingers who never spent time dressing up barbie dolls.. =D

If you noticed the ‘x’ wing on the kit’s back, that is actually a core-fighter which is detachable from the main unit. On the rear of each leg there is a special room for storing heat knives (but you got to separate the blade first in order to place them in). The front skirt is actually a weapon (some sort of grab anchor) which can be connected with a piece of wire (included with kit) so you can make a diorama action pose as shown in the gallery above. On the rear skirt there are two drill whips that are neatly stored on each side. Each of the unit’s arm has a shield plate that can turned into close-range beam weapon. The two main vulcans on the unit’s shoulder can double as a beam sabre and it’s actually part of the core-fighter’s equipment. Last but not least, the unit has two main weapons which is a beam gun (designed like those pirate’s shot gun) and also a large beam sword (my favorite). These two can be combined to form a single beam gun or seperated and kept on each side of the unit’s hip.

Mr. Katoki rendering of this unit is indeed wonderful. Although that you might find this kit is a little small compared to other MG-grade kit, I bet most of you will find it hard to resist having a pirate-cosplaying Gundam! =D