Gundam Mid Year Challenge 2011

Event: Gundam Mid Year Challenge 2011
Venue: MIECC Mines Resort City, Selangor, Malaysia
Period: 27th May 2011 – 5th June 2011

Phew! By a stroke of chance, I’m able to attend this event which was first ever held in a new location. It was on the LAST DAY too! Good thing that it was held in a familiar place to me and there was also a book fair being held at the same time! Wanna see all the fantastic books I managed to grab? No? =(
OK, let’s get on to the event then..


My first instant reaction upon reaching the event was “Wow!”. The area looks neater and more organized than the last. There aren’t many people there, maybe because it’s the last day but this is good as I can take my own sweet time looking at every Gunpla entries *drools*. The organizers were using the new inner-lighting showcases like the last event and the strong lighting sometime makes it hard to take pictures.
I’m no pro at photography.. =(

The number of entries were also a bit lacking (or maybe most of them already collected theirs after prize-giving ceremony). The theme for this event seems to focus more on the Sangokuden series, followed by a mixed entries from Gundam 00, Wing, Seed/Seed Destiny, Unicorn and other UC century series. Few participants did awesome kit-bashing entries, some did excellent coloring and weathering jobs while others submit theirs with killer modding and diorama themes. I liked them all!

My final words to this year’s event is to keep on the good effort, both to the organizer’s team and participants and hopefully I won’t late again for the year-end’s event. Gotta keep myself updated to the organizer’s Facebook page!

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