Gundam BAKUC 2009 Malaysia

Event: Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2009 Malaysia
Venue: Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Period: 24th Nov 2009 – 30th Nov 2009

And Here comes another round of the most anticipated annual Gunpla event! Lots of giant entries from Gundam 00, Sangokuden and other series has made their entrance. Even though the number of contestants are a bit less compared to last year, a lot of them managed to pull out such amazing works to be awed by judges, mecha fans and random passer-by. Shall we see the entries for this year?

Event Area

Contestants’ Entries

Prize-Giving Ceremony

The judges sure made a surprise this year, most of the entries that I thought would win didn’t make it. Some of them are really good compared to the winners’ entries. All in all, I normally see that winners always seems to have either the biggest entries, had a lot of Gunplas in one diorama or a kit-bashed entry that used a lot of parts from other Gunpla boxsets. MG-grade usually..

For this year’s winners line-up, finally we have female winners on stage and this shows that Gunpla hobby have started to capture local women’s interest too 😉
Funny thing happened during the prize-giving was few of the trophies were damaged and yet they were still given out to the winners =/
I hope the event sponsors would be more careful about this in the future.

May we all be blessed with more great works in the upcoming event next year!
As usual, congrats to all the winners and everybody else who took part in the event! *thumbs up*

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