A sketch preview of commission for Essence of Time creator, Deamond89. I give up trying to make the pencil drawing clean. X_____X;;;;;  Drawn on 3 pieces of A4 paper sellotaped at the back, LOL xD;;; This is supposed to be a simple commission slot, but it turned out to be so huge… ^^;;;;

MQ : Concept Art Elf Knight #1

Concept art sketch for a MQ future character! One of the other Elf Knights (besides Zirkon-sama)~~ >v< His name is Spinel! He’s one of the best friends to Zirkon.. His design isn’t finalized yet though, this is just one of the sketches I came up with while thinking of a design for him.. ^^

I think later, when he’s actually in the comic, just drawing his hair is going to kill me… @@