WIP : MQ ep 5 page 38 preview

This is a scheduled update.. By the time you actually see this online, I’m away up north attending a family wedding for the entire weekend.. T W T;;; I couldn’t finish this on time this week either, waaaahhh— *punch sick arm* You can’t guess how long it took me to get up to here OTL;;;; Uuuuu I wanna heal faster!! @ ^ @

WIP – Various manga pages

Gyahahahahahah—!!! Wonder what the heck is this?? I dunno! LOL!! xDD Yes~ We will see if I can finish them all within 1-2 days! >83 Grave-sama is going to shoot me if I don’t! (tabun..)

(( Oneeeechaaan~~! memerlukan sumbangan inspirasi dan motivasi! @[email protected] Sila dail 1800-MQMQ! Setiap kiriman dihadiahkan seunit ♥! )) <– GILA XD;

WIP – MQ Ep5 pg 28

WIP of this week’s MQ page.. Some action at last! * w * The pen I’m using for my action lines is definitely running out of ink.. Need to find a store which sells this pen soon..

I’m going to watch Alice in Wonderland 3D today!!!!! 8DDD