Art Commissions

Year 2021 New Commissions page and updated prices


❂❂ This section is for the terms and conditions of commissioning artwork from me. I accept commissions worldwide. If you would like to see what my artwork is like before buying it, you can browse my work here, or at my Pixiv or my Tumblr’s art tag.

Work-In-Progress (WiP) shots may sometimes be seen on my Twitter or on my doodleblog, for those commissions who are not set to private by request! ❂❂

Finished commission (on Tumblr):  thatuglyducklingsjunk.tumblr.c…

More recent commissions are updated on Twitter and Instagram (animetorlily)

Alternatively, you may also check out my Ko-Fi store and commissions here :

Terms & Conditions

PayPal Accepted

✾ Mode of payment preferred is Paypal. Alternatively Ko-fi or Stripe. Cash via Bank-in also accepted ( Malaysians only ). Please DO NOT send payment BEFORE all terms are agreed upon in private communication channels!
✾ When sending via Paypal, please double check that the currencies in both boxes say “USD”, like this:

Important Note: Please DO NOT send me payment in MYR, as MYR is virtually useless as a paypal currency locally, since my country does not recognize it as a valid mode of payment in RL purchases.

✾ All prices listed are in USD$. Malaysians can contact me for prices in MYR currency for bank-in payment option.
✾ Pending payment commissions will be automatically cancelled if payment is delayed more than 14 days with no response/reason given from buyer.
✾ Any purchase made is NON REFUNDABLE unless I choose to refund you for reasons of my own. 

✾ All artworks will be sent to you in Digital Format (High res JPEG or PNG). For all Traditional mediums, you will be required to pay the cost of shipping to your address if you want the original.

Will draw:
✓ Human characters (OC or Fanart)
✓ Hybrids (humanoid characters with animal ears/tail/horns/wings etc) .
✓ Animal or pet characters.
✓ Mecha, Armor, Weapons.
✓ MxF couples
✓ Characters of various ages from babies to old people.
*Anything other than these, please feel free to ask.

Unable to draw:
✘ Fetishes 
✘ Excessive gore
✘ Romantic MxM/FxF (non-romantic or friendship scenarios are fine), NSFW req only for mutuals

✾ Please provide visual references for Original Characters (OCs). If you request a drawing of an existing (fanart) character then please state the name of the character along with the anime/game/etc title it goes under, along with reference images if possible.

✾ Commissioned artwork may be displayed in your (non-commercial) website / blog / forum signature / Youtube etc, as long as you do not claim that you are the artist of said artwork. All artworks done by me are only usable by the person who commissioned the artwork (non-commercial purposes only). For commercial use, please discuss your terms of use with me beforehand. You may not resell the artwork that was made for you, be it in the form of Printed Materials or Digital formats, or traded for cash.

✾ I reserve the right to take my time working on your piece. If you have any questions as to the status of your piece, feel free to contact me to ask about the progress on your piece before making any negative assumptions. If you require an artwork to be finished by a certain date/timeline, please inform me of it when you send in your initial note.

✾ Finished artworks may be uploaded to my DeviantArt / my other galleries for display, if you prefer me not to do this (for example a private commission or as a surprise gift for someone), please let me know in advance, thanks…

How to order a commission:

Fill in this form :

Your custom quotation will be sent via the e-mail given in the form, so please be sure you check it is not accidentally pushed to Junk or Spam folder.

ALTERNATIVELY: You may contact me via DM if you are in any of my social media (Twitter/Insta/Bsky) to ask about a commission.

IMPORTANT: Please have all character’s Visual References and Information ready before you fill in the form!



❂ Commissions are divided into Traditional & Digital, for Black n White (B&W) or Color pieces.

Traditional (B&W or Color):

B&W Ink : $10 Bustshot | $20 Halfbody | $40 Fullbody
Color : $30 Bustshot | $50 Halfbody | $80 Fullbody
✾ Drawn with Pencils / Ink / Copic Markers / Mixed Media on A4 (Halfbody/Fullbody) or Half-A4 (Bustshot/Halfbody) paper size
✾ Bustshot / Halfbody / Fullbody / Chibi; 1 character with no background. Limited to 1-2 characters within the same piece of artwork.
✾ Characters with a lot of details may be charged extra. Secondary characters are charged accordingly to size.
✾ You will receive a digital scanned /photograph copy. If you wish to receive the original then you will cover the shipping costs.
✾ Custom Background: Not Available


Digital (B&W) Type (a) : Sketch

$18 Bustshot | $25 Halfbody | $35 Fullbody
✾ Digital sketch of 1 character with no background. Final image generally A4 sized (depends on composition). 
✾ Extra characters: Limited to 3 characters max per piece of illustration, charged accordingly.
✾ Custom Background: Please Ask (may be charge extra for complex background)


Digital (B&W) Type (b) : Monochrome

$35 Halfbody | $50 Fullbody | $30-$40 HB/FB (Lineart only)
✾ Clean Inked lineart of 1 character with no background/pattern background. ( Options: 1-2 color flats no shades OR Lineart only ready for coloring OR with digital screentones/simplified shadows). Final image generally A4 sized (depends on composition).
✾ Available option of single color accentuation added to certain parts of the image (ie: BnW + Red).
✾ Extra characters: Limited to 3 (each extra character will be charged depending on their difficulty)  
✾ Custom Background: Available (subject to extra charge if complex background)


Digital (Color) Type (a) : Anime-style (Cell-shade)

$25 Bustshot | $50 Halfbody | $80-$100+ Fullbody
✾ Inked & colored digitally in solid-shade style coloring of 1 character with solid color background or simple patterned background. Final image generally A4 sized (depends on composition).
✾ Extra characters for a group image will be charged accordingly per illustration.
✾ Custom Background : Available (subject to extra charge if complex BG)


Digital (Color) Type (b) : Painted Soft

$35 Bustshot | $60 Halfbody | $100 ++ Fullbody
✾ Inked & Colored digitally in painted / soft shade coloring style, of 1 character with single solid color background or simple background. Final image generally A4 sized (depends on composition).
✾ Extra characters for a group image will be charged accordingly per illustration.
✾ Custom Background : Available (subject to extra charge if complex BG)


☘ Game Assets

$13 Headshot – Price for every extra expression change is $2. Expressions/Poses which requires full redraw will be counted as another new image price. Square headshot, 300×300 pixels.
$28 Halfbody / Cut-ins – Price for every extra expression change is $2. Expressions which requires full redraw (ie: alternate pose, different outfits etc) will be counted as another new image price.

✾ Digitally drawn art in color of 1 character’s sprite with transparent background (for use in RPGs or Visual Novels). Front view / Quarter view as per your requirement. Filesize given in PNG format.


☘ Anime Screenshot

Starting price : $150+ (base quotation for 1 character+BG, optional subtitles)
✾ Illustration created to look like an screenshot taken from an Anime. Mixed character viewshots according to your scene requirement (ex: Headshot / Waistup / Fullbody).
✾ Simple /complex background included, along with optional dialogue. Size of the final artwork will be relative to an actual screenshot size (ex: 1024 x 768 pixels)
✾ Price is custom quotation according to your scene requirements (for extra characters/ scene complexity is added to starting price)


☘ Chibi

✾ Fullbody chibi art in full color. Choose from three types available.
✾ Simple scenic background option available (may cost extra), default (free) option is a solid color / patterned / transparent background.


☘ Character Reference Sheet

Starting price : $150+ (basic package quotation for 1 character, optional text or simple legends)
✾ 1 character’s reference sheet (basic package includes 1 Front + 1 Back view), flat colors added (no shading).
✾ Extra viewpoints / pets / accessories closeups will cost extra (price depending on your character’s design complexity). Optional shading is available also at a little extra cost, depending on the style you wanted.


☘ Manga Page (Limited Availability)

Price per B&W page, Sketchy $60+ | Print Manga $80+ | Colored page $(Custom quote)
✾ A manga styled page (up to 5 pages max per order session). Includes art and dialog (script provided by you).
✾ A4 sized page, average up to 1-4 panels per page.
✾ Available as ‘Sketchy’ style (sketchy lines only, no shading or screentones) or ‘Print Manga’ style (inked + screentones).
Character visual references are a must before placing an order. Character design fees are not included in Manga Page commission’s base price.
✾ Colored manga pages are available on custom quotation only (up to 3 pages max per order session).
✾ Genres : High Fantasy, Slice-of-life, Shoujo, Shounen. I do not draw NSFW, 18+ Adult, LGBTQ, Mecha or Furries themes.