WIP – KH Xion

Commission WIP of Xion from Kingdom Hearts 3-hundred-something-something days.. >w>;; Why on earth do they keep on coming up with endless sequels to KH, I can’t keep track anymore, OMG.


5 thoughts on “WIP – KH Xion

  1. I lost interest in KH since KH 2 because of the ridiculous Roxus story, bunch of bishie fanservice etc. 😛

    Question, Lilychan. Is this part of the coloring process? Shading with purplish colors, then add different colors? OoO

    *sampai skrg fail color* X(

  2. Huaaa~ I can’t stand KH2 even XD;;; All those Nobodies muka pun cm pompuan sume aaaaahhhh **;;;; Nasib baik yg ni mmg aweks pun. 😛

    Ouu, well… it’s not really part of the actual coloring process.. but uh.. this is just a guide for me to decide roughly how I should color it / what would look good in a pic, in terms of lighting =D;;;; Err.. Hope that makes sense..? *SWT* I will use this guide during the actual color as a ref for light source etc~! ^^ I color like normal way, flat color and then add shading, lol~~ I canl put up one of my steps by steps process later if you’re interested, nechan? @w@;;

  3. Wow, thanks for the explanation, Lilychan. Hmm.. do you mean your coloring tutorial at Fateback, if I’m not mistaken. 😛 If not, nak tengokkk!! XD But put it up when you’re less busy ne? 😉

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