GN WIP – Joe? *__*

Uguuuuuu… Why why whyyyy can’t I draw Joe anymore TDT TDT TDT He looks so different compared to the way I used to draw him a couple of years ago~ Wonder why? *___*;; I need to ask Pompi-san what she thinks of this before I go ahead with ink + color..

For Grimoire Nocturna project~! Joe belongs to Pompi!

2 thoughts on “GN WIP – Joe? *__*

  1. *W*;;; I don’t know, he looks fine to me~~ I can never draw Joe consistently either orz, but yeah I think he looks like Joe~ 8D The only thing I can think of is the vest and tie look too short. o_o? Usually Joe wears his shirts longer than normal. XD; I got into a bad habit of drawing really long torsos because of him. =w=;

    But yeah! Maybe he just looks different to you because he’s not wearing his headband thing. XD

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