Down memory lane..

Brrr—!!! @__@ Was cleaning up my photobucket, when I found this… OMG. My style at that time so terrible…. @/////@ *DIES IN SHAME*  Wonder how I dared to print it with CREST doujin… @@;;; This pic was never finished because my PC at that time (ALICE) died suddenly and there’s no backup of this file… ; __ ;  But I kinda like this theme/concept, so I might redraw it sometime.

WIP – Various manga pages

Gyahahahahahah—!!! Wonder what the heck is this?? I dunno! LOL!! xDD Yes~ We will see if I can finish them all within 1-2 days! >83 Grave-sama is going to shoot me if I don’t! (tabun..)

(( Oneeeechaaan~~! memerlukan sumbangan inspirasi dan motivasi! @w@ Sila dail 1800-MQMQ! Setiap kiriman dihadiahkan seunit ♥! )) <– GILA XD;