Prince of Ballaquia : HBD Sylph

Happy Birthday to Sylph-san aka Ruina! ; w ; <33

It’s Prince Eynne from her series, ‘Serenian Century‘ (go read it if you haven’t yetttt~!) I’m seriously bogged down with work stuff, but I really wanted to try and make something quick for you~ Hope you like it! Happy Birthday ne~~ <3

I have been listening to Sound Horizon’s Moira album, and the voice of Prince Leontius really really made me think of Eynne… So I drew him! hahaha.. XDD

I’m sorry if I ruined him though, Sylph-san! ; A ;

GN : Sketches Pair #1


Old art. I’m just reposting this here because it would just get lost in my hard drive. ^^;;;

Jade & Kai in Grimoire Nocturna game version! I want to finish this game so baaaaad. T^T T^T T^T I need some time donations!! Q A Q I love both their expressions~ bwehehehe~~ <3

WIP – HM doujin 3

WIP of Harvest Moon doujinshi… I haven’t done any serious digital manga inking using SAI before. But it’s nicer to ink in that Photoshop. x3 I still have no idea how to color using SAI though. T^T

This entire doujin is drawn digitally.

I’m gonna kill myself. ><;