WIP – GEM deejays

WIP of Jien from MQ, Miyabi from Eternity and Leo from Earth Guardians as the ‘deejays’ for GEMKingdom x3

One reason why I hate having a migraine attack, is because the side effects of the medication that make my hands all shaky @__@;;; Yay shaky-hands lineart…!

WIP: Tenshi

T W T;;;;;

Lily is not meant to draw beautiful subjects such as angels~~~~~ *flails* Forgive meeee~~~

I think I’m also currently suffering from art block.. T^T *goes to lunch*

WIP : Ryu-sensei

WIP of Ryu-sensei from ‘Love Revo’ game~~~~ <3 Today the postman got me in emo-mode by again destroying another shipment of books that I ordered. DX;;; AAAAAGH. I am SO pissed at the guy. You know what, we even purposely bought a bigger mailbox than our old one, but he still feels the need to fold everything in sight. Sir, I congratulate you on your achievement. Watch out for Lenny, he’s coming after you with a poison dagger. >__>

Drawing Ryu-sensei made me caaaaalm doooown… – v –  phew~! I <3 you, sensei~~

Still haven’t got the mood to finish drawing MQ page U__U

WIP – Last Hope

WIP of commission for Pinpin-chan~ x3 It’s her OC, Cirrus~ He has another being living inside him.. I like his ‘demonic form’ much better though, lololol >83

Medium: Open Canvas 3.03 PLUS~