Other Side Of Me

…….This is soooooo sooooo pathetic and UGHHH. **FAILS AT EVERYTHING** TT ^ TT;;;;;; Fanart of Izsak from REPlay manga, of which style I so love~~~! @___@ he looks so out of character in my own style……


…Don’t mind me, I am in an art rut and have had one too many cups of jasmine tea  *______*


WIP – Zeyir

I found an inking tutorial/guide that tries to stimulate Open Canvas brush strokes in Photoshop.. So I’m trying it out on this pic :3 I think by the time I got to the hair part that I went “Oh, so THAT’S how it’s done!” Sheesh. ^___^;;;

Doodle : Caramelle

Mweh. = w = ;; Just taking a short break from serious things. This is Caramelle! I think that’s how her name is spelled..? ^^; She belongs to Ladre-san! Um sorry for borrowing your character to doodle something ^_^; Done in Open Canvas@20mins <3 ( I’m sticking to this program )

WIP – Chibi

Failed attempt at chibi OTL  

Supposed to be a guy, but he looks more like a girl here.. *SWT* A character from ‘Three Kingdoms’. Uwahh.. lately too busy to draw much of anything~ T^T; Just updating here for the sake of it.. ;;;;;

SAI WIP : Adian

OK I admit it, SAI is nice to ink in xDD I think the reason it’s lagging so much is that the hard disk it’s running on is going to die soon. TT____TT

Let’s see if I can finish this before lunch hour ends. =P