Sketch : Jade and dragons

A pencil practice sketch in my MQ sketchbook-for-art-book…

I wish I was like those pro mangakas, who have their own inker.. >w> Then Somebody else could ink this and I can go straight away to the coloring part.. lol! **lazy** This is a sketch of Jade and the dragons Fenicia and Sirocco (possibly not finalized design). I need to get a final design for Sirocco real soon since he’s gonna appear in the current chapter of the manga… @@;

Medium: A4 printing paper + 2B Mechanical pencil

WIP for G-Starz

Nut’z comic, in color for her submission to Gempak STARZ magazine. She asked me to apply as her comic’s colorist… ^^; This is my first try coloring a comic for them, I’m not sure if they will accept my coloring TT;;; Oh well, it doesn’t hurt to try, ne… Coloring in CMYK is so strange… O___O;

And I’m totally aware of the other two collabs I’m supposed to finish. xD;; (<3 Ito & Pompi)