Sketch : Jade & Kai

Quick sketch of Jade & Kai, and the others by their side (unfinished)… Maybe I’ll use this for something later.  X__X;; Hoboy, the weather is too hot! It’s even too hot to draw! @@ *faints* I hate hot weather cause it makes my migraine pop up! >”<;;; The only time I can switch on my pc is at night, when it’s cool enough to not feel like I’m sitting beside an oven @@;;;;;;;

Xmas chibis

Some of the Christmas chibis I’m doing for my friends X3 You won’t get to see the proper entire sheet until Xmas day… so here’s a whiteout sneaky preview! >8D There’s plenty of these more to come…

WIP : DS Collab

Collab picture of Kai and Lily from ‘Desperado Saga’ by Itomaki~ x3

My antivirus died for some reason today.. ; D ; So while waiting for everything to sort out, (no internet to refer for commission stuffs, etc..) I worked on this collab pic with Ito… Ito did the awesome lineart, which is HERE! =D As usual, colored in Open Canvas 3.03 PLUS. <3