WIP : Arin

WIP of art trade with MG =D It’s of her OC, Arin ( ref picture on the left ). Done while waiting the two hours till family dinner time x3;;; I didn’t wanna work on something too serious, because it would take more concentration, and I hate getting interupted during CGing.. >”<

WIP Collage for November ’08

Kyaaahhh kyaahhhhh~~~ I’m doing it again..! @D@;; Starting new stuff without finishing the older stuff..!! *slams self into wall* Kiribans and Commissioners, don’t fret!! I’m working on your stuff as well too! xD Only I can’t show them here, can I? lol~

1) An elf guy with a creepy sunset-y moonlight background ( ??? ) ^^;;; Playing with Painter 8!

2) Sanzo-sama…!!! >w< I really missed doing Saiyuki fanarts OTL

3) Banner/Header thingy for new site! =D ( crap I can’t draw After Century characters anymore~~~ TDT I wonder how Nicholas and Daniel will look like in my current style O_o )


Ahahahaha~ I surrender my soul to my OCs, one or two of them might want to kill me after this is done. Actually, I know someone who definitely WILL want to kill me…. ^^;;;; It’s Misuteru’s OC meme.. I know I’m a little late to be doing this, but I just had the time to waste on it, lol~ xD;;

Feel free to guess who else made it into this little meme, or what number they’re on. =P Mixing all characters from my series ‘Magician’s Quest’, ‘Shinigami Odin’, ‘After Century’ and ‘Silhouette’. (Odin looks so very very bad here, lol! XDD)

WIP : MQ ep5 page 10

@D@;;;;; Gagaga…. Possibly the hardest /trickiest page to ink so far. I may have gotten too carried away with Fenicia’s grand appearance *SWT*


I haven’t done anything on the new layout either! TDT *needs more hours in the day*