WIP Kiriban : Elements (sketch)

Ahahahah an old old kiriban that I owe to Lina~ XD I had done a different picture for her before, but when my compy died, it took the PSD files with it TDT so I thought I’d better do another one. The old one wasn’t good enough anyway *____*;;;;

These are characters from Lina’s online manga, ‘Earth Guardians’ ^^ From bottom left: Erif, Ria, Ezka, Reath. I don’t like Reath looks and pose currently, but I had run out of paper space to be more creative with him. T__T Must stick an extra piece behind it and continue~

Ezka~~~!! I luv you!!! xDDD loooool~~! <3

WIP – MQ ep5 page 9

Preview of this week’s page (if I can finish it on time) @w@;;;; Just to be safe, I’ll say it will be up on Sunday. or Monday. *SWT* I hate drawing animals >< because I can’t draw them well, srsly. T___T I also hate drawing towns/buildings. But they’re gonna enter a big town after this.. haiyai~ OTL

WIP : ??

Another WIP… Darn, so many WIPs, when the hell am I gonna actually <u>finish</u> something?! @ ^ @ This one has a overwhelming background.. After the characters are done I’ll work on it so it makes them stand out more. I think it’s too… strong?

Distracted by Tales of the Abyss anime…

WIP : Legend of Zelda (sketch)

WIP of a Legend of Zelda fanart for the SASS Studios artbook~ =D I’ve always wanted to draw Link fanart! Ehehehe~~ Although I’ve never played the game before.. only read and loved the manga recently x3 My favourite Link version is the Oni Link (Fierce Deity) from Marjora’s Mask! @@<3 sooo kakkoi~ I’ve discovered that there’s a figure of him! OMIGOSH if only I can have it…! @@ but it’s very rare, and also VERY expensive, so… TT^TT;;;;

Here’s a site where you can see the picture : https://www.first4figures.com/component/option,com_myphp/Itemid,3/product,43/