Paper Craft!

Cardboard sword for cosplay

Guess what sword it is?

Something that I’d been working on since many months ago.. =P It’s a sword for a friend’s cosplay.. cookies for you if you can guess the character! ;3 I’m still in the process of paper-mache-ing it to deth.. right now it’s all done up in packing tape! XDD Hmm… I’m still thinking about the best paint to finish the hilt so it’ll look like real metal…. I’ll also need to figure out a way to make the intricate ‘carvings’ on the hilt design too..

Happy Anniversary MQ!

In celebration of MQ’s anniversary (and my birthday), five sketches were given away~ Here they are:

1) For Ally: Hibari from Katekyo HItman : Reborn
ehehehe hope you like~ it’s my first Reborn fanart xD I’m more of a Gokudera person myself though lol~

2) For Shadilyn: Feynius from Key (OC)
I’ve always wanted to draw Feynius! x3 I really love chraracters wearing hats~

3) For Aman: Gill (OC)
A fish boy~! XD I’ve never drawn scales on a person before.. hope you like it!

4) For Mocha: Demethyst (OC)
I have no special idea for  him, but maybe holding a jacket and looking cool x3 Yea? <3

5) For Tc-chan: Blackgate (OC)
OMG drawing him in human form was a real challenge~ but I really enjoyed trying it! x3 Hope you like him ne~

WIP – Wolf Brothers

Krystle's birthday gift, colored version

Preview of ‘Wolf Brothers’ gift to Krystle ^^ Sketch version is here. Man, I’ve got a headache today, so unlucky… @@; and it’s fasting month too, so I can’t take medicine~ huhuuu~~ I’ve been reading a lot lately so haven’t been drawing much ^_^; ahahah~ but looking at many wonderful copic pictures in DA got me so jealous~ waaa I want copics! ToT