4Heroes sketch

4Heroes characters by Mazjojo

4Heroes characters by Mazjojo

This is Arpharov (back) and Lura (front) from Mazjojo‘s comic, ‘4Heroes’. Going to ink in OC later.

Unyaaaa….!!!! >”< Suddenly I can’t color…. I’m working on the last post’s image, but I’ve been coloring it for hours but still can’t get the flow for it! I’m more in the mood for pencil ever since the manga book I ordered came through mail yesterday.. xD;

WIP – Ony & Jason

Today’s post: a WIP of commish prize for Ban-sama~~ x3 I like drawing Ony the best! Jason is on the left side… which you can’t see because I cropped him, ahahahah~ (screen was too long) I missed working with Painter~! *w* It started raining today, which is a miracle! It’s been so hot lately..