WIP : Summer

Started working on this two days ago.

My sister said “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DRAWING?!” ( not exact words really, but to some extent xD; )

And I said ( ……durrrrr……..) * x * ;;

Okay, so drawing pictures of girls in swimsuits is definitely not me. I don’t think I’ll be doing this type of pictures for personal stuff ( only for requests/commish ). I’ll TRY not to make them too sexy. Psh, it’s not like I CAN draw sexy peoples anyway *throws hands up*

First Post!

Yeay, so for my first post…

Here’s a quick doodle I did for Sion, who’s currently working on his very own RPG game called ‘Chaos Generations’! I’m one of the game artists xD so you’ll get to see my crappy style in a real life RPG, lol..

Her name is Erina, one of the main characters in the game. ^^ She’s an archer, and also Seeo’s girlfriend? Ahahahah~ XDD I’ll have to do a couple pic of them later <3

Medium: Photoshop 7