Gundam Mid Year Challenge 2011

Event: Gundam Mid Year Challenge 2011
Venue: MIECC Mines Resort City, Selangor, Malaysia
Period: 27th May 2011 – 5th June 2011

Phew! By a stroke of chance, I’m able to attend this event which was first ever held in a new location. It was on the LAST DAY too! Good thing that it was held in a familiar place to me and there was also a book fair being held at the same time! Wanna see all the fantastic books I managed to grab? No? =(
OK, let’s get on to the event then..

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Bandai World Cup 2010

Event: Bandai Model Kit World Cup Competition 2010
Venue: Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Period: 23rd November – 29th November 2010

Year 2010 is almost at its end, and so comes yet another season of year-end Gunpla competition event.
Full with unexpected and spectacular works from newbies and seasoned modelers, there are lots of eye-candies to be savored on. Feast your eyes on the following gallery:-

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Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2010

Event: Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2010 Malaysia
Venue: Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Period: 5th June – 10th June 2010

The 2010 mid-year competition is now on! Featuring loads of quality entries from the contestants, Gunplas ranging from Gundam Unicorn, SD Gundam Sangokuden, Gundam 00 and other Gundam series as well. We shall see a lot of creativeness in the following gallery, be it in terms of painting, mods, diorama or all of them in an entry. Without further said, enjoy!

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Gundam BAKUC 2009 Malaysia

Event: Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2009 Malaysia
Venue: Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Period: 24th Nov 2009 – 30th Nov 2009

And Here comes another round of the most anticipated annual Gunpla event! Lots of giant entries from Gundam 00, Sangokuden and other series has made their entrance. Even though the number of contestants are a bit less compared to last year, a lot of them managed to pull out such amazing works to be awed by judges, mecha fans and random passer-by. Shall we see the entries for this year?

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Astray Blue Frame Second-G II

Unit Name: MBF-02 Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second-G II
Series: Gundam Seed Astray

Scale: 1/100
Grade: High Grade
Completed In: 2008

This is my first ever attempt on building customized Gunpla and using wet-type decals. For this project, I used parts from 2 kits; the Astray Blue Frame Second-L (Gundam Seed Astray) and Gundam Heavyarms Custom (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz) series.
I did a little modification to the kit’s backpack system, basically changing the giant sword into two sword + gatling guns instead.
This is actually my entry for the previous BAKUC 2008 Malaysia event. The modifications done are rather minimal but I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Gundam Mid-Year Challenge 2k9

Event: Gundam 00 & Sangoku-den Mid-Year Challenge 2009 Malaysia
Venue: Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Period: 29th May 2009 – 6th June 2009

The mid-year challenge for this year has arrived! Whew.. is it just me or does anyone else also noticed that the competition name is getting more mouthful each year..? :/
In this year’s contest, we’ll be seeing lots of entries from Gundam 00 and Sangoku-den series (as the name of the event suggested). Here are few pictures I managed to take from the first day, enjoy!

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Strike Noir Gundam

Unit Name: GAT-X105E + AQM/E-X09S Strike Noir Gundam
Series: Gundam Seed Stargazer

Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade Gundam Seed
Completed In: 2008

Due to this Gundam’s popularity with its stylish gun-posing and my lack of budget of getting the MG grade (T__T), I decided to try out this kit instead.

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Blue Destiny Unit 1 + Unit 2

Unit Name: RX-79BD-1 Blue Destiny Unit 1 / RX-79BD-2 Blue Destiny Unit 2
Series: Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny

Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade Universal Century (HGUC)
Completed In: 2007/2008

I originally bought the [unit 2] first in hope to participate my local modeling kit competition, but alas I couldn’t make it due to time restrictions. Around 4 months later, I purchased [unit 1] and submit it as an entry for the Gundam Mid-year Modeling Challenge 2008.
I came to learn about this series when I was playing SD Gundam G-Generation game on the Playstation and found the official manga several years later.

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